7 Tips For Coron Travellers

Booking a Coron trip soon? Check out these tips to maximize your long-awaited vacay.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time

Planning a tour can get overwhelming at times, especially if there are plenty of options in a destination. Make sure you spend enough time to think what’s important for you or for your group. Overloading a day can get too tiring, and you might not fully enjoy the moment if you want to cover all of the destinations in a short period of time.

Book accommodations early

Apart from taking advantage of early bird rates, you won’t be forced to take accommodations that are a bit farther from Coron town proper in case bookings are at peak especially in summer season.

Travel light

You’ll save on potential extra baggage costs, especially that airlines are now stricter on their rules on baggage weights.

Be a responsible tourist

Be mindful of your impact to Coron’s natural environment and the tourism industry which is a big part of the local livelihood. Don’t throw your trash in the ocean. Follow the snorkeling guidelines set by your tour guide to avoid damaging marine life.

Explore local restaurants

What’s a better way to cap off a day full of fun and adventure than to eat good food? Among our favorites are Altrove, Sharky’s, Poco Deli, and Santino’s. You can also ask tour guides their previous guests’ favorites, or hotel managers’ choice if given the chance.

See the other side of Twin Lagoon

The Twin Lagoon is known for its mini adventure where tourists get to pass through a small opening between the water and a rock formation when the tide is low. But did you know that you can also reach it from the other side, which is wide open with an even more stunning view? Ask your tour guide about it.

When it comes to food, you can always customize

The first day always triggers cravings for seafood (except for vegans of course). Try asking your tour guide if they can get you this or that- and they will most likely do their best to get it for you.