When is the Best Time to Visit Coron?

When is the best time to travel to Coron, Palawan, you might ask.

The best time to travel to Coron is of course during the dry season, between November to June. On these months, there’s lesser chances of rain or storm, which means the ocean is calmer and it’s safer to travel by boat. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be absolutely sunny all these months.

Outdoor activities such as swimming and snorkeling are more fun with calm sea and sun. And it’s just much better for those who don’t like bathing in cold sea water.

If you’re booking especially during the summer, know that it’s also the peak season even for local tourists so it’s better to book your hotels and tours ahead. Try not to book your tour when you’re already in Coron Island! You’d be pressed for time, and you’re more likely to book the first thing you’ll see even if it’s not the best price.

Doing research while you’re there, hunchned over your phone, would also be a waste of your presence and time that you could have spent relaxing, touring around, meeting people, and enjoying the island life.

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Good luck and see you soon!